Education providerscorporate partners, and trade associations come in many forms that uniquely serve their markets. At Hondros Education Group, we are prepared to support you with both online and live course content, exam prep solutions, compliance assistance, reporting, and expertise in the adult education market. Whether your goal is to grow your educational offerings and revenue, improve exam pass rates, recruit for your entity, or simply make your processes simpler and more efficient, we are here to help you. Our custom educational solutions and superior student support are unrivaled.

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As an educational provider, you know that a positive student experience is crucial to your success. We’ve got that covered! With custom course catalogs, support for compliance, reporting and more - we’re always here to help.


We understand the critical nature of bringing new talent into your organization. That’s why we offer custom portals with the ability to track your recruits’ progress through their entire educational experience. What’s more, we also offer the most comprehensive exam prep solution on the market.


Within days, we can have you set up and earning revenue, while also increasing the course offerings available to your membership. Let us do the work for you and feel confident that your members are getting access to the best educational offerings and personal support.

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